Ponder this: 5 Magazine “The Project”

House Music.

The sound of those two words just make my body feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Now, if you know anything about house music, you know that there are many different styles under the umbrella label. One of my favorite styles is Chicago House.

Chicago House Music gets its name from electronic dance music that popped up out of Chicago in the mid 1980’s. I didn’t get a real appreciation for House until I started learning to DJ in 1993. When I went to college in Indiana in 1994, I finally started to get a real taste of Chicago House being so close to the city. Artists like Mark Farina and Derrick Carter were who I based my early DJ style off of. Those were the days…

But enough background…

5 Magazine is the only magazine in the US dedicated to House music. And this month, in honor of their 5 year anniversary, 5 Magazine started TheProject.

TheProject is a multimedia project documenting 40 producers who are keeping Chicago House bangin’ in 2010. Every day, TheProject is doing an in-depth interview and releasing free tracks from two producres. 5 Magazine started TheProject on August 16 and have featured 21 producers. So, if your into Chicago House or just want to hear some really great electronic music, swing over to TheProject and check it out.


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