Tonight I Ponder…Devil

M. Night Shyamalan

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M Night Shyamalan…damn you.

You are a master of temptation…a damn good one.

I actually believed this movie would get you back on the road to redemption and respectability in my eyes. I was wrong.

Devil wasn’t a bad movie. It was actually decent. Good premise. Decent dialog. Good thrill moments. So far so good right…?

Like I said, it was a bad movie. HOWEVER, it was a good movie either. And the reason it wasn’t good…typical Shyamalan. Just tempting, never fully delivering the goods.

And thus why I can’t blame Mr. M Night for this one…I blame myself. I should have known this was going to happen. Build the movie all up and tempt me with juicy clips. Then drop the ball by not giving visibility to any of the key moments within the film. By that I mean, every time something critical was going to happen, M Night made the scene completely dark. WTF!!! Show me the action man!!!

That’s it…I can’t do it any more. No more M Night…no more. I am banning myself from your films until I hear from close, trusted confidants who might happen to watch your films that its worth it to give you another shot.


Ponder this…Pain never so funny



Really is there anything else that needs to be said about this. Totally hilarious. And I don’t feel sorry for this girl on bit. She’s on a reality show trying to win money and performing completely ridiculous tasks…shit happens.

Today Im Pondering…An Old New Career

Today is a good day. And its only 6pm. Amazing what can happen in one afternoon.

I had not written a blog post in almost two weeks. The reason is very simple…I have been out of sorts. Life has been too chaotic. And that would be putting it mildly. My life has really been in the ringer for the last six months. Hopefully though, today starts the change in my life to get things back on track.

Today I accepted a position with a new company. I wont mention the company’s name right now…nor is it relevant at the moment. What is relevant about this position is that it will be taking me back into the corporate america arena, a place that I haven’t been in some time. And the position is back doing data warehousing and business intelligence, two things that I really didn’t ever envision myself doing again, but you never know what kind of hand life is going to deal ya.

So, starting Monday, I re-embark on an “old” new career  path. The next couple of days in preparation will be spent reflecting on the past few months and all the madness that transpired and pondering all of the future possibilities in my “old” new career path. Maybe life really is like a box of chocolates. Don’t ask why I just quoted a movie I didn’t like. And I don’t like chocolate. Yep…I’m officially going stir crazy.