Ponder this…The Exorcist Director’s Cut

Cover of "The Exorcist (The Version You'v...

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I am really lucky sometimes.

This past Thursday I considered myself very lucky in finding out that one of my favorite movies of all time, The Exorcist, was having a special one night showing in select theaters around the country, of the Director’s Cut version of the film. Now when the movie was originally released, back in 1973, I was not even a thought of being conceived. But when I first saw the movie, when I was about 8, it was just incredible to me. And it has been every since. So, to find out that they were going to be showing one of my favorite movies on the big screen, and its got new additions, digitally remastered video and sound, and never seen “behind-the-scenes” footage, I WAS AMPED UP!

And it was everything I could ask for and then some. The film footage looked super clean and well done. The sound on the big screen…so eery and creepy…and so good. And the behind the scenes addition afterwards gave so much new insight into the creation of William Friedkin’s film, how it became such a cult classic and how much Linda Blair really put into her role as Reagan that I don’t think many people would have ever guessed before.

Couldnt have asked for anything better out of a re-release of a classic film like that. Now I cant wait to go buy this new Director’s Cut release when it comes out on DVD and Blu Ray in the next week. Too bad for those of you that missed out on the chance to see this classic on the big screen, but definitely get out and go get this on DVD or Blu Ray!


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