Ponder This: 2011 Movies I Wanna See

So, now that 2011 has begun, there are a number of seemingly great movies on the horizon for this year. Here are my list of movies that I’m eagerly anticipating…

  • January – The Mechanic, Ong Bak 3
  • February – I Am Number Four, Sanctum
  • March – Battle: Los AngelesSUCKER PUNCH
  • April – The Conspirator, Source Code
  • June – SUPER 8, Green Lantern. Cars 2
  • November – Immortals
  • December – A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

The movies in BOLD CAPS are ones that I’m really excited about. SUCKER PUNCHjust looks like its going to be an amazing stylized action flick. THE HANGOVER 2has been kept under some pretty good wraps for the most part so even though it wont catch anyone off guard like the original, should still have some surprises.SUPER 8 is by JJ Abrams…and anything he touches is gold in my opinion. And finally COWBOYS AND ALIENS might be the biggest movie of the year in terms of dollars outside of the last Harry Potter flick. And it might be a dull end to summer if nothing good peeks up in August or September.

So, what movies are you looking forward most to seeing this year…?


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