Who is the “Supervillainhero?”

So, what happens when you are born with the “i attract the strange, random and bizarre” gene…? The answer is the story of my life. I truly believe, because of my mother, I’m destined to lead a life of strange, random and bizarre instances and interactions. And at this point in my life, I’ve learn to embrace this gene because having it has resulted in some of the most unbelievable (and usually hilarious) events, conversations and circumstances you could possibly imagine. Now, here, a change to spill some of this craziness (and all other things interesting in my life) to the world and allow you to ponder the ridiculousness. Like being a “Supervillainhero.” Wondering what that is huh? Random I know. Don’t worry. It’ll make sense as you start reading along. Enjoy. And stay tuned…


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