Ponder This: 2011 Movies I Wanna See

So, now that 2011 has begun, there are a number of seemingly great movies on the horizon for this year. Here are my list of movies that I’m eagerly anticipating…

  • January – The Mechanic, Ong Bak 3
  • February – I Am Number Four, Sanctum
  • March – Battle: Los AngelesSUCKER PUNCH
  • April – The Conspirator, Source Code
  • June – SUPER 8, Green Lantern. Cars 2
  • November – Immortals
  • December – A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

The movies in BOLD CAPS are ones that I’m really excited about. SUCKER PUNCHjust looks like its going to be an amazing stylized action flick. THE HANGOVER 2has been kept under some pretty good wraps for the most part so even though it wont catch anyone off guard like the original, should still have some surprises.SUPER 8 is by JJ Abrams…and anything he touches is gold in my opinion. And finally COWBOYS AND ALIENS might be the biggest movie of the year in terms of dollars outside of the last Harry Potter flick. And it might be a dull end to summer if nothing good peeks up in August or September.

So, what movies are you looking forward most to seeing this year…?


Ponder this…The Exorcist Director’s Cut

Cover of "The Exorcist (The Version You'v...

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I am really lucky sometimes.

This past Thursday I considered myself very lucky in finding out that one of my favorite movies of all time, The Exorcist, was having a special one night showing in select theaters around the country, of the Director’s Cut version of the film. Now when the movie was originally released, back in 1973, I was not even a thought of being conceived. But when I first saw the movie, when I was about 8, it was just incredible to me. And it has been every since. So, to find out that they were going to be showing one of my favorite movies on the big screen, and its got new additions, digitally remastered video and sound, and never seen “behind-the-scenes” footage, I WAS AMPED UP!

And it was everything I could ask for and then some. The film footage looked super clean and well done. The sound on the big screen…so eery and creepy…and so good. And the behind the scenes addition afterwards gave so much new insight into the creation of William Friedkin’s film, how it became such a cult classic and how much Linda Blair really put into her role as Reagan that I don’t think many people would have ever guessed before.

Couldnt have asked for anything better out of a re-release of a classic film like that. Now I cant wait to go buy this new Director’s Cut release when it comes out on DVD and Blu Ray in the next week. Too bad for those of you that missed out on the chance to see this classic on the big screen, but definitely get out and go get this on DVD or Blu Ray!

Tonight I Ponder…Devil

M. Night Shyamalan

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M Night Shyamalan…damn you.

You are a master of temptation…a damn good one.

I actually believed this movie would get you back on the road to redemption and respectability in my eyes. I was wrong.

Devil wasn’t a bad movie. It was actually decent. Good premise. Decent dialog. Good thrill moments. So far so good right…?

Like I said, it was a bad movie. HOWEVER, it was a good movie either. And the reason it wasn’t good…typical Shyamalan. Just tempting, never fully delivering the goods.

And thus why I can’t blame Mr. M Night for this one…I blame myself. I should have known this was going to happen. Build the movie all up and tempt me with juicy clips. Then drop the ball by not giving visibility to any of the key moments within the film. By that I mean, every time something critical was going to happen, M Night made the scene completely dark. WTF!!! Show me the action man!!!

That’s it…I can’t do it any more. No more M Night…no more. I am banning myself from your films until I hear from close, trusted confidants who might happen to watch your films that its worth it to give you another shot.

Tonight I’m Pondering…Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds

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I love Quentin Tarantino.

The man make great movies in my opinion. I have seen basically every movie the man has ever made (we’re talking from his directors chair here). Every movie multiple times.

For years I’ve believed Kill Bill Vol. 1 was his best work. Everything you could ask for in a movie: great story, great dialogue, great action, great comedy, great soundtrack/score, great characters and great acting…Kill Bill Vol. 1 has it all. However, after its cable premier last weekend on Showtime (and 4 subsequent viewings this week), I am now pondering if Inglourious Basterds might be the crown jewel of Tarantino’s films.

Basterds has everything that Kill Bill has, well except the great action. That is replaced with great over the top violence. Bill was violent…Basterds is graphic. And I love that. Tarantino is so extreme with “The Basterds” you really can’t do anything but sit back, laugh, and be totally entertained.

So why do I think Basterds catapults Bill? Two words…Christoph Waltz. Never knew of him before this movie, but his role has the head of the German SS was incredible. The guy was the epitome of an evil, bad guy character: cunning, clever and cruel. Waltz’s character, Hans Landa, is the one that sticks out the most for me in this movie and makes a great movie classic.

I haven’t seen Bill in a while. Maybe I need to watch again before I crown Basterds as my favorite Tarantino flick.

Am I…a movie addict?

Addiction: the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming.

I love movies. A lot. No…like really a lot. I like movies so much that I often times watch movies I have no good reason to watch. Now, don’t get me wrong, most of my favorite movies are the no thought involved, stupid humor types that can actually cause brain cell loss. But there are times, like most of this week so far, that I have just been sitting in front of the TV at night, working on the computer, and watching whatever is on. If its a favorite movie of mine, I will watch it whenever its on. Some of my favorite movies like Tropic Thunder or Empire Strikes Back, I will turn to no matter what else I’m currently watching. But to just watch a movie because its on, even if I have no particular interest in watching it? That sounds a little “enslaved to a habit or practice” to me.

This week has been particularly insightful into my presumed movie addiction. Up to the writing of this blog post, I’ve watched about 5 movies that I knew absolutely nothing about before watching them and probably should have avoided. The movies are…

  • Obsessed – A completely boring movie that was only good because I got to see two incredibly hot women, Beyonce and Ali Larter, fight it out.
  • Jennifer’s Body – Other than a 1 minute scene between Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox making out was a completely waste of a flick.
  • Extreme Movie – Michael Cera. The guy has been in exactly one funny movie in his whole career in my opinion (Superbad). He’s like the M. Night of comedy. (Notice I didn’t say one thing about the actual movie…should tell you all you need to know about it).
  • Stan Helsing – Usually the kind of stupid spoof movie I enjoy. This one…I didn’t even laugh once. Why Leslie Neilsen…why?
  • Land of the Lost – Usually Will Ferrell equates to funny in my book. This movie…I wanted to barf in my mouth.

Now, I’m sure other people have seen these movies. And maybe you had reasons for why you wanted to see them. But if you didn’t have a reason, would you watch them anyways? I think the answer would be probably not. So, does all of this make me a movie addict? That’s what I’m pondering…