Ponder this: What is a “Supervillainhero?”

It’s such an interesting word. Supervillainhero. No, its not a real word from the dictionary. However, its a perfectly invented word to describe the role I play in people’s lives at times. So…what is a “supervillainhero?” Probably the easiest way for me to describe it is to say I’m a person that can cause bad and evil to happen but still be the savior at the same time. Crazy I know but really par for the course in the strange and bizarre life I live.

It was just recently that I attained this label, this moniker, but as I ponder many situations that have happened in my life, there is no reason someone couldn’t have given it to me years ago. The person that gave me the label, lets call her Miss R, is a friend of mine. I’ve known her for a little while now. Great girl. Smart. Funny. Attractive. And enjoys “adult beverages” from time to time. Well, the first few times I ever met this woman were in a group setting with other friends. Drinking would ensue. Then the “bad” would come: more drinking. In most cases, more drinking never turns out well. And when things don’t seem to turn out well what’s the one thing you could use…? Exactly…a rescuer.

Well, if you take the good and you take the bad (HOLY CRAP ALERT BATMAN! Referencing “The Facts of Life.” Now slapping myself in the face!)¬†OK, I’m back. But you get where I’m going here right? If bad things are going to happen naturally you should want to make them good. Or at least that’s what I believe I should do. So, after these incidents with Miss R, she said laughingly “ya know, we have to stop hanging out like this. You have to stop being a “supervillainhero.” I laughed and I think I snorted at the same time because it seemed very funny to me based on these previous incidents. However, like I mentioned a little earlier, I started to think back over many times in my life where “the Root” (my nickname from my best friend-to be explained in a future post) has put people in bad scenarios only to rescue them out of said scenario. So many times I can remember saying “this is definitely going to be a bad idea” then doing it anyway and things being utterly clusterfuckish (yep…I like to add to words) but ending with comic book heroics and one hell of a story.

Maybe the “supervillainhero” label is a good fit for me after all.