Ponder this…A funky Fresh Prince remix

YouTube – fresh prince of bel air (mustard pimp remix).

Mustard Pimp = funky, dirty, love.

I love this funky, dirty remix…even if it is the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


Ponder this…Real or Fake Orgasm?

An orgasm…from an amusement park ride? Humm. I’m not a woman. I can’t say that she didn’t. It just does seem highly questionable though. I’ve made women orgasm. And I’ve had women fake orgasms (and I dare any man to say they have never had it happen to them! you better ask somebody!). This would go down as one of the fastest orgasms on record though I would have to say. Just seem very peculiar to me.

So I ponder…and I say fake.

***The guys’ reaction once he hears about the “real” orgasm…priceless.

What do you think?